Pars Equality Center’s Nowruz Gala Updates

April 1, 2022

On March 12, 2022, we gathered for our 12th Annual Nowruz Gala to celebrate Pars Equality Center’s achievements and honor our generous supporters for their invaluable contributions.  After two years of virtual gatherings and social distancing, this in-person gala truly marked a new beginning of what we hope to be lasting health and happiness. 

Over 450 loyal supporters and sponsors attended the gala where we showcased our accomplishments, notably during the past 2 years of COVID.  Our Corporate Sponsors, founding members, and donors were instrumental in helping us raise funds for our social services and immigration programs including “Fund a Need” initiatives that provide Emergency Assistance, College Scholarships, and Professional Training.

Please unite with our supporters and provide tax-deductible donations to our essential programming, and join our mission to support our underrepresented community.

We look forward to celebrating many more springs with you and highlighting our accomplishments that are made possible by your contributions.